Minister President Bouffier and the Future of the European Union

On May 5, IES was honored to welcome Volker Bouffier, Minister President of the German state of Hessen, and a delegation of German academics to the Berkeley campus for a luncheon with distinguished faculty and students. Prior to the luncheon, Bouffier gave remarks on his view towards the future of the European Union. Throughout his talk, he made a case for the importance of European corporation and emphasized the fact that the current generation is the first to live in a peaceful Europe. Furthermore, he addressed the challenges the refugee crisis has created for Germany, not just on a national level but also on a state level. After his talk, German guests and American hosts alike had the opportunity to engage in conversation. The event concluded with a question and answer session, during which the discussion centered around the lessons Germany can learn from its own past experiences as well as from the past experiences of neighboring countries in approaching the integration of the increasing numbers of immigrants into the rest of society.