Inauguration of the Ana Hatherly Chair in Portuguese Studies

On March 9, IES inaugurated the Ana Hatherly Chair in Portuguese Studies, sponsored by the Camões Institute. The chair is named after a well-known Portuguese poet and artist who did her PhD at UC Berkeley. The day began with opening remarks given by IES Director Jeroen Dewulf and Nuno Mathias, Consul-General of Portugal, who explained how the founding of the chair was part of Portugal's project to bring its cultural institutions to an international forefront and to strengthen the connections between Berkeley and Portugal. The signing ceremony was followed by a conference on Ana Hatherly and the Portuguese Concrete Poetry, which included a presentation by Prof. Carlos Reis, this year's Gulbenkian Chair in Portuguese Studies at UC Berkeley.

Arthur Askins, Professor Emeritus of Spanish & Portuguese and Hatherly’s dissertation advisor, also gave presentation, beginning with a brief biographical summary of Hatherly’s life and years at Berkeley. Describing her as a flawless, mature foreign graduate student who was already well established, he provided the audience with an overview to her research, which centered on Portuguese prose texts of the late 1700-1800’s and how American editors engaged with them. He also commented on the intense attention Hatherly paid to the hauntings of writers and described her later attraction to female writers of the 1700-1800s during her subsequent studies in Lisbon. Later in the day, an accompanying teachers’ workshop on Portuguese poetry took place.

The events coincided with the Portuguese Heritage Week, which is designated as the second week of March in California.