Artistic Production and Cultural Studies Workshop

On April 14, IES hosted a workshop on artistic production and cultural studies featuring four poets – Adriana Lisboa, Ana Luisa Amaral, Claudia Schvartz, and Luisa Futoransky. Throughout the event, the four writers came together to discuss the role of language and how translation alters the inherent cultural significance. The translation of poetic works, they acknowledged, is necessary to reach a global audience; however, oftentimes it can be difficult to preserve the integrity of the original content. Several of the discussants noted how certain words or phrases were changed completely before being approved for publishing in a foreign country. They concurred that poetry should never sound as a translation, but should attempt to convey the original intention to the reader. For example, Amaral described how, when translating classical texts of Shakespeare into modern Portuguese, she ensures that her creation is consistent with how a Portuguese translation would appear around the time of Shakespeare’s work. In many ways, as the discussion revealed, the process of translating poetry is a form of poetry in itself. Following the readers, the poets and the audience of 20 engaged in a lively discussion about the production and translation of poetry.