Requirements for Admission to the D.E. in European Studies

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Students are required to fill out a form requesting admission, listing their prior preparation in the field, and their projected pathway through the DE program. In addition, they have to submit a brief essay (max. 2 pages) stating interests and reasons for applying, a short CV, a writing sample (max. 10 pages), and a letter of recommendation from a faculty member in the student’s home department indicating why and how the student would benefit from the D.E. Students will also be required to provide evidence of foreign language proficiency in order to be admitted to the D.E. Proficiency (equivalent to level C1 in the Common European Framework) in one European language other than English is a requirement for admission. Students will be required to submit evidence confirming their foreign language proficiency. Students who are unable to provide the necessary evidence regarding their foreign language proficiency will be requested to have their foreign language proficiency examined and officially acknowledged in a letter written by a UCB lecturer or faculty member.

Students must be admitted to the D.E. prior to taking their Qualifying Exams. Admission will be determined by the members of the Executive Committee on the basis of how coherently and logically the student can articulate the value of the D.E. for her/his larger course of study and career goals, as well as on the quality of the written work and the student’s foreign language proficiencies. The Executive Committee will strive to build a diverse student group, composed by students from a large variety of Departments and with a large variety of language skills.

The number of students to be accepted in the program is limited to eight per year in order to ensure that each student receives strong individual support.

Deadline for applications for the Fall semester is November 15, 2017 and for the Spring semester is March 15, 2018. Please send your application package as an e-mail attachment to the graduate student coordinator Deolinda Adao. For more information on the requirements for admission and designation, please contact Ms. Adao, 207 Moses Hall.

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